Jesi Jordan

Jesi Jordan is a self-taught animator and performer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her work is full of chimeric landforms, melting bodies, radical womanhood, sentient objects, and disarming ruptures of time and space. Inspired by her nomadic lifestyle, Jesi's animated short films, music videos and performances are a fever-dream travelogue. Her animations are diaries of her most traversed landscape: that of her own vivid imagination.

Artist Code: 1055


Concrete Shape

2023, 05:02 minutes, sound, no dialogue


2019, 09:51 minutes, colour, Spanish with English subtitles

La Modista

2019, 05:02 minutes, colour, Spanish with English subtitles

Mi Linda Havana

2019, 09:42 minutes, colour, Spanish, English subtitles

Blossom 3

2018, 03:05 minutes, B & W, no dialogue

Blossom 2

2018, 03:01 minutes, B & W, no dialogue

Blossom 1

2018, 03:52 minutes, B & W, no dialogue

29 Palms

2017, 04:61 minutes, colour, English


2017, 05:00 minutes, colour, No language

Who Owns Noon in Sandusky

2017, 04:50 minutes, colour, English

Beneath The Air

2014, 04:06 minutes, No language

Too Old To Die Young

2011, 04:37 minutes

Believe Me

2009, 04:21 minutes, colour

The Butcher

2008, 04:15 minutes, colour

Infinity Skull Cube

2008, 04:02 minutes, colour