Rokhshad Nourdeh

Rokhshad Nourdeh was born in Téhran in 1963, and arrived in France in 1983. She became a plastician resulting from the National school of Beaux Arts of Paris in 1986. She continued theoretical research within the university Paris, Sorbonne, for several years. Her pictorial research explores the relationships existing between visual arts, architecture, urban space and cinema. She has had many grants and awards from art organizations in France and USA.
As a painter and videographer she has produced experimental films for the past twenty years.
Made of 10 years of reflection, Rokhshad's feature
Jonné is self produced, as are her earlier experimental shorts. Jonné is Experimental: documentary-fiction.

Franco-Canadian( originaly Persian), the subject of the film concerns emigration, woman and child.

Artist Code: 1062


Mother Land

2013, 03:10 minutes, colour

Nights Road

2012, 04:21 minutes, colour


2012, 03:32 minutes, colour


2009, 06:05 minutes, colour

Capter Capture

2009, 05:00 minutes, colour

Ruisseau de la mémoire

2009, 14:11 minutes, colour


2008, 11:36 minutes, colour


2006, 02:23 minutes, colour


2006, 02:33 minutes, colour

Raid - Line

2006, 02:07 minutes, colour

Over Mithra

2003, 08:39 minutes, colour


2002, 06:12 minutes, colour

Critical Writing

Curatorial Incubator v. 16: Living in Hope
by Lisa Steele. Toronto: Vtape, 2021.