Chris Boni

After dropping out of Hunter College’s MFA program in Manhattan, Chris Boni eventually returned to his hometown of Vancouver where he expanded his individual art-making process to producing collaborative work. Reaching out to practicing dancers from SFU he wrote and directed an installation/performance piece titled “Let's show them yellow light!” (2010). Readily accepting the challenge to adapt and co-curate artist Logan Sturrock’s sculptures, the two produced “Scrap Gold” (2010), a 3-day exhibition held in Boni’s ground-level apartment. Upon moving to Toronto the art of filmmaking quickly enveloped him and he consecutively founded “nientenon Movement Productions”, a film- production label that comfortably houses his art-house projects. In November 2011 Boni was accepted as an artist-in-residence at the Gibralter Point Artscape where he wrote his first feature film “Dis-caract” (2012), which he subsequently shot on Toronto Island with 16mm. “Couplings” (2013), is a short film shot in Whitehorse, Yukon and was completed with support from the Canada Council for the Arts which furthered his collaborations with dancers, as well as stemming a new collaborative relationship with Absolutely Free member Moshe Rozenberg who created the breath-taking apocalyptic score. A slew of music videos for such bands as Doom Squad, Man Made Hill, Thom Huhtala, HVYWTR and Dear Suzy have also been completed to-date. Chris Boni hopes to engage a wider audience with the upcoming feature “Two Cares Due None” (2015), created/produced with artist Melissa Fisher and scored by Michael Claxton and Moshe Rozenberg of Absolutely Free. Also in post-production will be a short film titled “Through Grates of Drains” which was shot on-location in New York City.

Artist Code: 1072



2013, 19:10 minutes, Colour, English

His Green Plate

2013, 07:10 minutes, Colour, English


2012, 04:30 minutes, Colour, No language


2012, 113:28 minutes, Colour, English + French