Corinna Schnitt

Corinna Schnitt is a German video artist that lives and works in Braunschweig. Schnitt received a diploma in apprenticeship as a carver in 1989 and completed her studies at the Hochshule für Gestaltung (Academy for Visual Communication) in Offenbach. In 1995, she received her masters at the Kunstakademie (Art Academy) in Düsseldorf.

In 2002, she received the Media Art Award of Wiesbaden and has completed numerous artist residencies which include; Villa Aurora (USA), The Chinati Foundation (USA), Olevano Romano (Italy), Oldenburg (Germany), Hamminkeln (Germany) and Stuttgart (Germany). 

Since 2009, she has been teaching as the Professor for Film/Video Art with specific attention to documentary approaches at the University of Art Braunschweig.

Artist Code: 1081


Playing Ball / Ball Spielen

2013, 10:00 minutes, Colour, No language

Drinking Tea / Tee trinken

2012, 15:00 minutes, Colour, No language

Little Hans / Hänschen klein

2009, 07:00 minutes, Colour, German with English subtitles

About a World / Von einer Welt

2007, 10:00 minutes, Colour, English

Playground / Spielplatz

2007, 15:00 minutes, Colour, No language


2005, 12:00 minutes, Colour, No language

once upon a time

2005, 25:00 minutes, Colour, No language

Grand Canyon

2005, 00:00 minutes, Colour, No language

Living a Beautiful Life

2004, 13:00 minutes, Colour, English

Next time / Das nächste Mal

2003, 06:00 minutes, Colour

Solitude / Schloss

2002, 16:00 minutes, Colour, German with English Subtitles

The Sleeping Girl / Das schlafende Mädchen

2001, 08:30 minutes, Colour, German with English Subtitles

Out of Your Clothes / Raus aus seinen Kleidern

1999, 07:30 minutes, Colour, German with English subtitles

Between Four and Six (Zwischen vier und sechs)

1998, 06:00 minutes, Colour, German with English subtitles

Hello Ms. Schnitt / Schönen, guten Tag

1995, 05:00 minutes, B&W, German with English subtitles

Critical Writing

Curatorial Incubator v. 13: The Job of Life
by Lisa Steele. Toronto: Vtape, 2016.