Stephanie E. Creaghan

Stephanie E. Creaghan is a multidisciplinary artist who makes work about how violence presents itself in communication, combining different forms of language (visual/audio/spatial/temporal) to reveal latent forms of manipulation. Their first major solo exhibition, Hideous Intimacies, was presented at Pangée (Montreal) in 2019. Recent exhibitions and works include Soleil-astre, soleil-arbre, a public sculpture installed at Outremont Park (Montreal), and There’s a Lot You Can Do With a Hammer with Michelle Furlong at TAP Art Space (Toronto). Upcoming projects include a projection series of The Dailies at the Cinémathèque québécoise (Montreal) in 2023, and a follow-up exhibition of The Dailies N˚2 in 2024 as well at the Cinémathèque. They have exhibited and performed in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Prague, and completed international residencies in Paris, France, Stolpe/Oder, Germany, and Wexford, Ireland, as well as at the Centre for Expanded Poetics in Montreal

Artist Code: 2150



2022, 03:48 minutes, Colour, English


2021, 05:21 minutes, Colour, English

Critical Writing