David Findlay

David Findlay is a thing-maker grown and ripened in Toronto, Canada; now based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. David’s thing-making usually starts from stories about desire, history, identity, and power… and often ends with putting the incomplete project aside for future fine-tuning. Now that we’re living in the future, perhaps he’ll finish more work.

His approach strives to foreground embodied honesty and his preferred tools/media are whatever permits the right combination of hands-on immediacy with fiddly persnicketiness.

David’s writing can be found in anthologies of smut, science fiction, and queer memoir. His visual art and musical efforts require more searching for.

Artist Code: 363


Gender, Lace and Glass

1992, 03:00 minutes, colour, English, closed caption

Critical Writing

Technique Serves Content in Trinity video Collection
by Cameron Bailey. Now, Jan. 13, 1994, v. 13, no. 20.
You're Beautiful Man, You're Beautiful: Beauties and Monstrosities
by Brent Cehan. Fuse, May 1994, v. 17, no. 4.
Queer Quality: AIDS Public Service Announcements Reach TV
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Images 93 an exercise in temptation
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