Karen Young

"The Marquesa... Portrait of a Dominatrix" is Karen Young's first video since graduating from Ryerson Polytechnic University. It has been screened in several Canadian and American festivals, garnering an award for "Best Short Documentary" in the Oshawa Durham Independent Film & Video Festival (1997), and an honourable mention in Toronto's Inside Out Festival (1997).

Karen Young's pictorial body-piercing documentary entitled "Fleshold" features the expert work of Lilith of Auroboros Body Ornaments (Toronto) and some very brave subjects. It won two awards including the Charles St. Video Art Award (1993), and fourth prize in the Cabbagetown Short Film Festival (1994).

Karen Young graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts at University of Waterloo (1985) and a B.A.A. in Media Arts at Ryerson University (1995). She is currently working on a documentary examining the treatment of intersexed persons, i.e., those born neither clearly male nor female according to a binary medical classification of biological sex.

Artist Code: 393


The Marquesa

1997, 60:00 minutes, colour, English


1993, 10:00 minutes, colour/ B&W, English