Inter Art / Le Lieu Centre en Art Actuel

Richard Martel has been leading a multidisciplinary experience for the past ten years mainly in Québec. He is a founding member of Les Éditions Intervention (Inter magazine and Le Lieu, Centre en Art Actuel) and participated in setting up Le Lieu in 1982.
Richard Martel is a writer, organizer of artistic events, teacher, lecturer, radio and video producer, visual artist and performer; he is particularly interested in art as a generalized system with which he experiments in a theoretical and practical way. He has published a book on his activities. He took part in an important Artventure project called La Zona del Silencio. He participates frequently in the exchange network between Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Italia, Poland, Czechslovakia, France...

Nathalie Perreault has been collaborating with Inter/ Le Lieu group in Québec since 1987.
Operating from "typographe" and "adjointe à la rédaction de la revue" to publishing tasks (performance au • in Canada, 1970-1990 and publications from Le Lieu, centre en art actuel's activities : Manœuvers 1990-1991, Premiére Biennale d'art actuel de Québec, Immedia Concerto) and assisting in les Festivals d'In(ter)vention.

Artist Code: 2017


Manœvre Nomade

1995, 57:00 minutes, colour, French


1993, 59:00 minutes, colour, French, Spanish, Czech

Polyphonix 16

1993, 49:00 minutes, colour, French, others

Storytelling- Historia Opowodiana/Sopot: Sept. 1991

1992, 57:00 minutes, colour, French, Polonaise

Quatrième Festival d'art Alternatif Nove Zamky

1992, 57:00 minutes, colour, French, Hungarian, Czech

Manoeuvres en Europe Centrale

1991, 49:00 minutes, colour, French, English, Hungarian, Czech

Première Biennale d'art actuel de Québec

1990, 41:00 minutes, colour, French/English

Immedia Concerto

1989, 59:00 minutes, colour, French/English/Spanish

Espèces Nomades

1987, 124:00 minutes, colour, French

Neuf avril, Le

1987, 30:00 minutes, colour, English/French

Neo-Son(g) Cabaret

1985, 99:00 minutes, colour, French/English