Elio Gelmini

Elio Gelmini was born in Italy in 1959. While in Italy Gelmini worked extensively in theatre and film. Enlightened Pockets was his first film produced in Canada after his arrival in 1988. The video tape Borders produced in 1995, represents a shift for Gelmini from film into a medium he feels gives him more freedom to explore the visual aspects of his ideas, with less importance on narrative or text. This work also represents a new direction for Gelmini as it superimposes political movements and philisophical ideas from different cultures to imply a universal language.
Gelmini is a member of the Board of Directors at Charles Street Video (Toronto).

Artist Code: 454



1999, 12:00 minutes, colour, Spanish / English subtitles

This Is Chiapas

1997, 42:00 minutes, colour, Spanish / English subtitles

Let's Talk about Politics

1996, 10:00 minutes, B&W, English


1995, 06:00 minutes, B&W, English

O Solitude

1993, 04:00 minutes, Colour & B/W, English

Un Po' Di Tiempo (a bit of time)

1988, 11:00 minutes, B&W, English

Critical Writing

Kenneth Anger Me
by Jon Davies. C Magazine, Spring, no. 93.