Aboriginal Film & Video Art Alliance of Ontario

The First Nations Film & Video Arts Alliance was formed at a gathering of Artists in Edmonton, April 1991. Of the 45 people present, a steering commitee representatives of the various regions and Nations of Canada was selected. Since that time, the alliance has incorporated and is now in the process of visioning new partnerships, based on self-governing principles. The objectives of the Alliance are: 1. To promoteand encourage the art of Film and Video production, with in the principles, values and traditions of Aboriginal Self government. 2. To conduct gatherings, workshops, seminars, conferences, festivals and other educational services related to film , video and multi-media. 3. To foster communication and cooperation amongst Aboriginal Artists, traditional story tellers and Aboriginal peoples. 4.To foster and encourage communication and dialogue with non-Aboriginal peoples through co-ventures, co-productions through the arts. 5. To uphold and practice, with respect, tr aditional copyright laws. 6. To buy, lease, hire , produce, create, import,export, and otherwise deal in and with film videos, electrical and electronic transcriptions and all rights and interests therin.

Artist Code: 2034


Aboriginal Radio Waves Part II

1996, 16:00 minutes, colour, English, Cree

Aboriginal Radio Waves Part I

1996, 16:00 minutes, colour, English, Cree

Elder Voices Compilation

1996, 72:05 minutes, colour, English/Cree