Michael Achtman

Michael Achtman was born in Montreal, lived in Toronto from 1982 to 2004 and is now based in London, UK. He has an A.B. from Harvard University and graduated from the Acting Programme at Ryerson University. As writer, director and performer, his work spans theatre, film, video, and live art. From 1997 through 2002, he collaborated with R.M. Vaughan on a series of poetic, DIY videos that screened at international festivals and culminated in retrospectives at the Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo and SPIN Gallery, Toronto. Since 2005, he has frequently collaborated with disabled artists, including filmmaker Alex Bulmer and live artist Pete Edwards, and has shifted his practice from experimental to narrative-based work.

Artist Code: 514


save myself

2002, 05:41 minutes, colour, English


2001, 03:07 minutes, colour, English

flesh of my flesh

2001, 09:27 minutes, B&W, English

Mr. Danvers

2000, 05:33 minutes, B&W, English

Hard Times Town

2000, 03:03 minutes, B&W, English


2000, 11:00 minutes, colour, English, Japanese

Dinner's at 8

1999, 03:21 minutes, B&W, English

A Gun Makes an Awful Mess

1998, 07:08 minutes, colour, English


1998, 04:49 minutes, colour, English

MASH Notes For Private Kyle Brown

1997, 13:16 minutes, colour, English


1996, 09:39 minutes

Critical Writing

Curatorial Incubator v. 18: Learning from the Local
by Lisa Steele. Toronto: V tape, 2022.