Wendy Oberlander

During the last 18 years, Wendy Oberlander has exhibited multi-media installations in Europe, Canada and the United States. In 1996 she completed the award-winning personal documentary 'Nothing to be written here', a vivid essay examining a footnote in the history of Jewish immigration to Canada during World War II. Currently, she is working on a new film about her mother's exile from Berlin 1n 1938, and teaching at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver.

"My artistic practice - large-scale installations, bookworks, video and teaching - is concerned with revealing the hidden. The narrative that survives in the margins is the story I want to know. As a visual artist, I want also to see it. This new project, and the last one -
Nothing to be written here - might stand as a diptych, a tribute to my parents. But I see them as something much larger, as part of the public record, and extending a moment from a private world that is slowly being forgotten. I can't say that I choose these projects. They appear to me as an imperative, waiting to be revealed."

Artist Code: 517


STILL (stille)

2001, 25:00 minutes, colour, English

Nothing To Be Written Here

1996, 47:00 minutes, colour, English

A Paddle and A Compass

1992, 09:10 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Gifts and Cruelties of Displacement: Nothing to be written here
by Nancy Pollak. Fuse, Winter 1997, v. 20, no. 1.