Judy Koch

I am a learning disabled person who has had this disability all my life. In spite of my disability I graduated from Sir George Williams University in Montreal with a BA in 1969. I majored in history. After my graduation I was mostly unemployed because of my disability. In 1991 I received an honor's diploma in community work from George Brown College. In 1995 a friend of mine suggested I produce a video on learning disabilities. Two years later this video, which was produced by volunteer help was released.

My second video "Employment Equity: The Challenge" was made possible by a grant from the Toronto Arts Council and my third video "Between the Cracks: Poverty and Disability" was produced with the financial help of the Ontario Arts Council.

In addition to my video work, I am the co-host of the radio show SPEAKING OUT, on 89.5 FM, CIUT's disability issues show every Friday at 2:00pm. I am also treasurer of the Alliance for Employment Equity and was the acting president of the CIUT Board of Directors.

I curated the program "Oppression: The Roots of Madness", a selection of short films and videos for Pleasure Dome and the Rendezvous With Madness festival, November 2000 and another program of shorts incorporating disability issues called UP AND RUNNING for Ed Video in Guelph, Ontario, January 2001.

Social Justice Videos was founded in 2002 by Judy Koch. It is an independent video production company dedicated to raising awareness on issues which impact our lives.

Artist Code: 601


The Disposed - A Judy Koch Compilation

2007, 114:45 minutes, colour, English

An Introduction to Socialist Action

2005, 21:35 minutes, colour, English

Story of Bain Co-op Parts 1 & 2

2004, 60:00 minutes, Colour, English

Dissent on Trial

2003, 50:00 minutes, Colour, English

The Pope Squat

2002, 37:45 minutes, colour, english

Hit the Streets: Homelessness and Disability

2002, 32:00 minutes, colour, english

History of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

2001, 45:00 minutes, colour, english

Between the Cracks: Poverty and Disability

1999, 45:00 minutes, colour, English

Employment Equity: The Challenge

1999, 50:00 minutes, colour, English

Chronicles of Learning Disabled People

1998, 34:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing