The Disposed - A Judy Koch Compilation

Judy Koch

2007, 114:45 minutes, colour, English


Bio: Judy Koch is a political activist who has made many videos on political topics she has been involved in. Many of these videos have been about poverty issues as she has been a long time anti-poverty activist.

Between the Cracks: Poverty and Disability (1999, 45:00)
This important video is a powerful indictment of the lives disabled people are forced to endure. The topic is seldom dealt with in any artistic or literary format and is crucial viewing for those interested in disability issues. Between the Cracks: Poverty and Disability is a video by Judy Koch, herself a disabled woman.

Hit the Streets: Homelessness and Disability (2002, 32:00)
Hit the Streets is based on a passionate series of interviews done in the summer and fall of 2001. It shows how difficult it is for disabled people on the street. People from a wide variety of backgrounds were interviewed including Bruce Stoney Point, a native alcoholic; Kathy Hardill, a public health nurse; Bob Rose from the Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre and Geoffrey Reaume, a historian who survived the psychiatric system. Each of them talk about the issue from their unique point of views. Hit the Streets is dedicated to Brian Boyd, a homeless man featured in the video who died in December 2002.

The Pope Squat (2002, 37:45)
In July 2002 a group of political activists and homeless people lead by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty took over an unoccupied building and turned it into a squat. They renovated it to make it a better place to live. In November the place was raided twice and the people evicted. No trespassing signs went up and armed guards were hired to keep squatters out.

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