Gretchen Sankey

Born in Montreal in 1964, Gretchen Sankey currently lives in Toronto. Since completing an MFA degree (York University, 1993), her work has been included in numerous exhibitions, most notably: Duke-u-menta '90, '94 and '96 (Duke of Connaught Tavern, Toronto), Young Contemporaries '93 (London Regional Art Gallery, London, 1993), Anatomical Permutations (Cervantino Saskatoon, 1998), It, and all the rest of it (solo, Mercer Union, Toronto, 1999), Some of the Parts, (solo, Agnes Etherington, Queens University, Kingston, 2000), I laughed so hard I cried (solo, Rodman Hall, Brock University, St. Catherines, 2005), and at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto: Shadow of Doubt (solo, 1995), Time and Again (solo 2009), Somebody’s Baby (solo, 2016).

Sankey has been awarded several Canada Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council Artist Grants. In 1997, she received an OAC First Film and Video project grant to complete a documentary celebrating the fictive life of Dorothy Dunbar, a Toronto waitress who gained notoriety as a miracle healer then vanished in 1957. Her recent animation, seventeen years and 57 seconds, premiered in the show, Universal Loss (Gallery 101, Ottawa Ontario, 2017).

Artist Code: 600


eighteen years and 57 seconds

2016, 06:09 minutes, colour, English

Dorothy Dunbar

1998, 14:00 minutes, Colour, English

Critical Writing