Martha Eleen

Gabe West explores radio, sound, the wired city, public places, transportation, photography, poetry. He is the inspiration for a combination low-tech electronic art and community building collective. Listen With Your Feet is a sequel to "The Bus Depot", a slide installation with speakers shown at Symbiosis; The Great Hall, Toronto, 1994.
Martha Eleen is a graduate of Emily Carr Art College in Vancouver with an honours diploma in visual art. Her recent exhibitions include The Bank of Symbiosis, Ontario Hydro Building, Toronto 1997; Portraits By Women - Woman Made Gallery, Chicago 1998. Her wired junk walls are currently showing in the Hoarding Project at the Festival Hall construction site in Toronto, 1998. She is also working on a series of paintings, funded by the Ontario Arts Council, that document a country field in all aspects of its daily and seasonal change.
Steve Topping is a visual artist who works with electronics and sound. His recent installations include The Urban Biology Project - Beaver Hall, 1997; Bank of Symbiosis - Ontario Hydro Building, 1997. His hand crank zoetrope is currently on display in the Hoarding Project, Festival Hall construction site, Toronto, 1998. He has made several short films and site-specific film installations. Reading Canada Backwards, a train hopping documentary was shown at the Vancouver Film Festival, 1997.

Artist Code: 602


Listen With Your Feet

1998, 09:12 minutes, colour/B&W, English

Critical Writing

by Sally McKay and Harold Alegria Ortiz. The Bank of Symbiosis: An Archaeological Intervention, 1998. Toronto: The Symbiosis Collective, 1998.