Melanya Liwanag Aguila

Melanya Liwanag Aguila is a cultural worker who uses genres of documentary, narrative and drama to portray experiences and ideas that have often been marginalized by the status quo. Her video work is not the summation of an individual, but a montage of various communities that shape her political outlook. These videos have been screened in festivals, educational institutions, galleries and broadcasted for television throughout Canada, Italy, France, Philippines and the United States. Themes have included music empowering women in prison, self love, contradictions in the most intimate relationships, creating culture, women's political strength, women workers in the Philippines and the diverse Pinay communities in Toronto.

Artist Code: 542


Kislap ng Pera (The Glitter of Money)

2003, 06:35 minutes, colour, English & Tagalog

You Can't Blow Out a Fire

2002, 05:03 minutes, colour, English & Tagalog (w English)

Within These Cages

2002, 06:47 minutes, colour, English / Tagalog

Documenting the Documented

1999, 04:25 minutes, colour, English


1999, 04:20 minutes, colour, English / Tagalog

(Dear Comrades) Mahal Kong Mga Kasama

1999, 08:19 minutes, colour, English / Tagalog

Babae Ako (I am womon)

1993, 15:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

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