Stev'nn Hall

After graduating from Montreal's Concordia University in film production, Stev'nn relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he directed indie music videos and founded THE SPARK FILM GROUP, a monthly networking and exhibition place for indie filmmakers. He moved to Toronto in 1997 to produced 32 episodes of the television series SPLAT!. He has worked as a freelance editor of documentaries and art films and as an After Effects designer, creating the graphics for the last three of Toronto's IMAGES Film Festival trailers. He also directed and edited the Festival Trailer for Toronto's 2001 INSIDE OUT Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival. Currently, he is working as a promo editor and producer at Bell ExpressVu. Stev'nn has directed a number of shorts including BONDAGE TELEVISION which received honorable mention at Vancouver's OUT ON SCREEN. His most recent work, a super-8 film, SNEEZES, is a series of head shots exploring how people sneeze.

Artist Code: 670


Red in the Face

2000, 05:37 minutes, colour, English

Bondage Television

1999, 10:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Kaleidoscopectomy: The short and long of it
by Nick Davies. Xtra!, Apr. 6 Spring, 2000, no. 403.