Manjira Datta

Manjira Datta is a award winning documentary filmmaker based in New Delhi, India and has been directing films since 1986. Her first film was Raaste Bandh Hain Subh - All Roads Closed- this film is a insightful exploration on Bonded Labour, the many forms of marriage for socio,economic, cultural reasons and prostitution . The film was shot in the Garwhals,Himalayas. Shot on 16 mm (55 min.1986). Telecast by ADR Germany and funded and distributed by NGOs in India. Amongst the many other films made since 1986 Im mentioning a few - The Sacrifice of Babulal Bhuyia, 16mm. (63min ,1988) made for ARD Germany and Channel 4 UK. The film is about the killing of a coal waste worker by the local coal mafia and the many versions of the killing. Portraits of a Dream Show 16mm, (52min. 1991) - a rare wistful documentary of Indian circus artists of India.Made for BBC 2 UK. Ringmasters for Doordarshan, IndianTV on who pays the gangs/mafia to upset the voting at the elections, Democracy in Crisis? Made for Channel UK, Series SOUTH - about the different political forces within the Democracy - their different political positions and the rise of the Hindu right-wing , how and why that happened. 50 minutes, shot on Video. Seeds Of Plenty,Seeds of Sorrow for BBC2 for the series developing Stories for the Rio Conference.
A penetrating exploration on land rights and the policy of the first and second -bio tech- revolution. The film was shot in Mexico with the Key scientist, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Punjabi farmers and labourers and Bihari migrant labourers.
(52 min. 1992.)
Many films for Adult Education and other topics. Rishte - Relationship. A poignant doc about male preference and the death - suicide or murder ? - of Lali Devi and her two daughters. 25 minutes for the Cairo conference Sponsored by Mac Arthur Foundation, Chicago for Cairo and Channel 11 Chicago.
Dance Within - on ageing in India 1998, for the UN Status Report.
Two films on Iyengar Yogar - titles - Sculpting Humankind and LIGHT on Iyengar Yoga. (30 mins each. 1999)
Telecast on Indian TV - Doordarshan: PRESENT TIMES on Women and Land Agenda in West Bengal, India. 52 mins.

Artist Code: 676


Present Times

1999, 52:00 minutes, colour, Bengali w English S.T.

Critical Writing

Canadian Countercurrents: The Images '89 Festival
by Helen Lee. The Independent, Aug. 1989.
Babulal Bhuiya an elegant and searing testimony
by John Harkness and Cameron Bailey. NOW, June 1, 1989, v. 8, no. 38.