Gustavo Vazquez

Associate Professor, Film & Digital Media
Film and video production; directing drama, documentary and experimental; cross-cultural experiences in film; film festival curator.
Education and Training:
M.A., San Francisco State University
B.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute

Gustavo Vazquez’s research interest explores cross-cultural visual studies and video design. Vazquez’s interest in border issues and identity has led to a series of independent and collaborative works. His experience of crossing borders has left an imprint offering a personal perspective and access to contemporary ethnographic projects. In many regards, his work reflects both a rooted foundation in negotiating polarity between cultures. In his work we find a conceptual fusion of the opposite realities in class, culture, language by integrating diverse elements to illustrate the marginal and dominant paradigms.

Selected Publications:

Documentary Film-Making: A Contemporary Field Guid
e. Forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2009.

"Que Viva La Lucha (Wrestling in Tijuana." Documentary 2007.
"Glance” Nine Channel video installation, automated and live performances in collaboration with music composer Guillermo Galindo. ISEA 2006
"Who Am I?” Five channel video installation Chicano Now exhibit. 2001.
"The Great Mojado Invasion” experimental video 1999.

Teaching Interests:

Video production design. Documentary and experimental narratives, and new modes of video exhibition.


Declaration of Poetic Disobedience

2005, 15:15 minutes, colour, English/Spanish

Ethno-techno: Los Video Graffitis (Volume1.2004)

2005, 78:37 minutes, colour, English/Spanish

No Homeland / No Fear

2004, 12:20 minutes, colour, English/Spanish

The Great Mojado Invasion II

2001, 27:30 minutes, colour, English/Spanish

The Great Mojado Invasion (The 2nd US-Mexico War)

2001, 26:00 minutes, colour, English/Spanish