Jonathan Inksetter

Jonathan Inksetter works in video, sound, installation, performance and the word. His video work has received recognition at festivals in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Brussels, Belgium and San Francisco - where his work was praised for 'expanding and subverting the predominant cliches which have defined and limited the scope of the music video for over a decade'. Since 1999 he has also acted as an interdisciplinary collaborator on over twenty-five dance and new performance projects in Montreal, England, and Belgium, acting as installation and projection artist, composer, scenographer, performer, choreographer and videographer. He is currently in Zurich, Switzerland writing a book about stealing art.

Artist Code: 863



2002, 04:27 minutes, colour, English


2000, 06:00 minutes, colour, English

Music Videos

1999, 21:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

In situ
by Melina Clifford and Gaetane Verna.
V is for video
by Mark Schilling. in si-tu _, 2000. Lennoxville: Art gallery of Bishop's University, 2000.