Daniel Borins

In 1997 Daniel Borins graduated from McGill University with an honours BA in art history. The focus of his studies was on the historical avant-garde, the destabilization of the institution of art and the role of the art object on a socio-political level. While attending McGill he moved from painting to the production of narrative based video art. His choice to study at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) was informed by this enthusiasm for electronic art. At OCAD he worked on conceptual pieces that wrestled with ways to create agency within the viewer. Eventually Daniel began to integrate video into sculptural objects. Currently, he balances his artistic production in the fields of video, sculpture and installation.

Upon leaving OCAD Daniel co-founded Art System, an artists' run experimental gallery. Art System showed both the work of Canadian and international artists. This position afforded Daniel the opportunity to curate ten exhibitions over three years. During this period he has published articles in various Canadian art journals, and presently he acts as the Art Director of Trucker, a conceptual visual culture magazine. Daniel has curated video programmes with Vtape, the Images Festival, and continues to do so independently.

Artist Code: 695


Code Red

2003, 01:00 minutes, Colour, English

Critical Writing

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