The Power Plant

The Power Plant is Canada’s leading public gallery devoted exclusively to contemporary visual art. It is a vital forum for the advanced artistic culture of our time that offers an exceptional facility and professional support to diverse living artists while engaging equally diverse audiences in their work. The Power Plant pursues its activities though exhibitions, publications and public programming. It fulfills its mandate by generating: exhibitions that represent the range of advanced practice in visual arts; publications that increase knowledge of contemporary art; lectures and symposia that encourage debate and further understanding; interpretative tools that invite visitors to question, explore and reflect upon their experiences; programming that incorporates other areas of culture when they intersect with visual art.

Artist Code: 2040


Spring Hurlbut

2002, 21:45 minutes, colour, english

Aernout Mik

2001, 21:37 minutes, colour, english

Kim Adams

2001, 21:50 minutes, colour, english

Douglas Gordon

2001, 19:15 minutes, colour, english

Angela Grauerholz

2000, 21:26 minutes, colour, english