Nina Levitt

1996, 02:20 minutes


A two-part video installation which explores oppositional relations pertaining to lesbian identity, specifically: speaking + silence, appearance + disappearance, nostalgia + fantasy, discovery + repression.
Part 1:
Black & white slow motion video sequence played on a monitor.
This looped video depicts the interaction between two young women who are looking at a photograph of a man posing at the beach. The potential for reading against a heterosexual construct is available within the particular kind and quality of gestures — a knowing glance...a bond of complicity...a secret contract expressed in the wink of an eye.
o 24" video monitor, VHS deck

Part 2:
A video projection onto a black & white photographic portrait suspended from the ceiling, about 5 feet away from a wall.
The video consists of a staged colour sequence montaged with a film clip depicting the interaction between a teacher and her young student.

The projection of the video onto the suspended photograph spills over onto the rear wall, creating a rupture in the visual field. An essential aspect of Part 2 is that the viewer exaggerates or bridges the ruptured image by moving at different angles to the projection.
o Sony CPJ-100 mini Video Projector, tripod, VHS deck.
Video projection: approx. 5’ x 4’
Film still: 11" x 14"
- film clips and still photograph are taken from
Maëdchen in Uniform, 1931 (Director: Leontine Sagan) a German film about the doomed lesbian love affair between a young schoolgirl and her teacher. No audio

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