Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World of Orgasm

Annie Sprinkle and Carol Leigh

2004, 53:00 minutes, colour, English


“The orgasm is no longer a mere biological function used in procreation, nor the side effect of casual pleasure… It is the very center of the human experience and ultimately determines the happiness of the human race.” --Wilhelm Reich

When Annie Sprinkle has an orgasm with her lover in the hot tub, she reflects upon the incredibly diverse aspects of the orgasm experience. She then introduces twenty-six “orgasm experts” who have, over the years, taught her some key piece of knowledge about orgasm—and now she wants to share that knowledge with you. The interviews of the orgasm experts are inter-cut and layered with a lively collage of archival film clips, sexual imagery, and special effects. The soundtrack includes original music and sound-scape by Sheila Malone. You will meet a chiropractor who explains the physiology of orgasm, a midwife who experienced orgasm while giving birth, a woman who has breath orgasms, a scientist who discovered four new categories of orgasm, a grieving widow whose husband had an orgasm when he died, a recovering Catholic who had a spiritual orgasm, and a man who prefers a good laugh-gasm. You will learn about orgasms while in outer space, transsexual orgasms, faked orgasms, the big draw, the politics of orgasm, and how to have bigger, better orgasms. Considering that orgasms are some of the most pleasurable moments that most human beings will ever experience in their lifetimes, it’s a wonder that there has not been a comprehensive documentary made on the subject—until now. After you see this colorful, educational, thought provoking, sometimes sexy film, you will very likely see your own orgasms in a new light.
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