My Heart... series #4


2006, 05:10 minutes, colour, English, N/A

TAPECODE 2038.03

1) My Heart the Devil, Nikki Forrest and Nelson Henricks, 1:10, 2002
Playing video art backwards reveals satanic messages! Media artists express their devotion to the dark arts! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

My Heart the Realtor, Laurel Woodcock, 2:10, 2003
The use of an everyday object attempts to transform a dystopic metaphor.

My Heart the Interior Decorator, Nelson Henricks, 1:50, 2006
“So you get home from the store with a large cardboard box and you realize your ability to assemble this piece of furniture is significant. It’s a barometer of your future relationship…”

The MY HEART... Series is a collaborative project initiated by Nikki Forrest, Annie Martin and Nelson Henricks. Each director has produced a number of short video works (of one- to two-minutes in length) on the theme of 'love'; each director approaches the theme from a different angle, whether it be love's generosity, lust, romantic addiction, erotic compulsion, unstable identities, obsession, or simply people looking for love. The resulting catalogue of works creates an index of the different aspects of love that's as dizzying and diverse as our experience of love itself. Currently, the core of this series-in-progress consists of six works: "My Heart the Gambler" and "My Heart the Artist" by Annie Martin, "My Heart the Electrician" and "My Heart the Rock Star" by Nikki Forrest, and "My Heart the Optometrist" and "My Heart the Philosopher" by Nelson Henricks. Other works will be added to the series as time goes by. Like love itself, the MY HEART... Project knows no bounds!
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