Video Active 4

Toronto Video Activist Collective (TVAC)

2002, 117:00 minutes, colour, English, open captioned


1. George Dubya in "Rumours", 3:30 (David-James Fernandes, Richard McGrath, Nrinder N.K.Nann)
2. Activists Defeat Mike Harris, 10:29 (TVAC)
3. O16, 2:11 (Shannon Larratt)
4. A Better World is Possible, 10:31 (Annahid Dashtgard/David Hermolin)
5. La Lucha Sigue, 11:47 (Tony Neale)
6. Dissent at the Fence, 5:15 (TVAC/Michelle Power)
7. One Day Longer, 8:29 (Stuart Cryer)
8. Rude Oil, 12:50 (Nadja Drost/Hermolin)
9. Map of a Restless Northwest, 6:10 (Flick Harrison, 6:10)
10. Tory Convention, 1:35 (TVAC/Jonathan Culp)
11. Gustavo Benedetto Presente, 13:01 (Avi Lewis/Naomi Klein)
12. The Greedy 8, 16:55 (Hermolin/Alex Lisman)
13. Freedom Through Trade, 4:06 (Malcolm Rogge)
14. Pope Squat, 6:49 (TVAC/Culp/Siue Moffat)
15. Don't Attack Iraq, 6:12 (Hermolin)

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