Toronto Video Activist Collective (TVAC)

Since 1998, the Toronto Video Activist Collective has covered political events from an independent, non-corporate and grassroots activist perspective. The volunteer collective has produced three popular full-length "VideoActive" compilations of activists videos (VA, VA2, and VA4) available through local zine distros and on the web. TVAC has an open-membership policy and encourages anyone who is interested in media activism to get involved. For more information about TVAC, and to see clips and video stills from TVAC's productions, visit the website:

Artist Code: 888


The Best of VideoActive 1997-2002

2009, 110:00 minutes, colour, English

Tear Gas Holiday: Quebec City Summit 2001

2003, 75:00 minutes, colour, Eng, Span, Fr, sub

Video Active 4

2002, 117:00 minutes, colour, English, open captioned