The Best of VideoActive 1997-2002

Toronto Video Activist Collective (TVAC)

2009, 110:00 minutes, colour, English


From the streets of Toronto to the hills of Kananaskis, from Québec City to Buenos Aires, the Toronto Video Activist Collective was there: documenting, witnessing, and just as often, participating in mass demonstrations for housing, for justice and for peace. These videos collect fifteen highlights from TVAC’s five VideoActive zines, released between 1999 and 2002.

1. Rumours (Fernandes/Nann, VA4, 2002)
2. DIY Bike Lanes (Hermolin, VA1, 1997)
3. SprAyPEC 101 (Culp, VA1, 1998)
4. Morning Commute (Hermolin/Slye, VA1, 1997)
5. Traffic Jamming (TVAC/Culp, VA2, 1998)
6. TVAC Meets Mike Harris (Hermolin, VA2, 1999)
7. Fighting To Win (TVAC/Culp, VA2, 2000)
8. Pope Squat (TVAC/Culp/Moffat, VA4, 2002)
9. Pussy Palace Panty Picket Protest! (Moffat/Culp, VA2, 2000)
10. Hamilton War Show (Hermolin, VA2, 2000)
11. Québec City Special Edition (TVAC, VA3, 2001)
12. ¡Gustavo Benedetto Presenté! (Klein/Lewis, VA4, 2002)
13. Kananaskis: The Greedy 8 (Hermolin/Lisman VA4, 2002)
14. Don’t Attack Iraq (Hermolin, VA4, 2002)
15. Bad Cop No Donut (Culp, OAS, 2000)

Produced by the Toronto Video Activist Collective, 2009.
Thanks to Jonathan Culp, Alex Lisman, David Fernandes and TVAC members, past and present.
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