Crossed Mask

Christiana Latham

2008, 02:07 minutes, colour, English


This work is based on questions about nicknames, what they were and why they were. It is an analysis of the labels and nicknames used within and in relation to my family.

The following are some descriptions of the nicknames visible through either written word or imagery within the film; My Father was British, he joined the Navy in his late teens, and therefore, he was often referred to as a Limey or a Scouse. A Limey is a British sailor. The term is believed to have been derived from lime juice, referring to the Royal Navy’s practice of supplying lime juice to British Sailors in order to prevent scurvy. A Scouse is a Liverpoolian dish made up of vegetables and meat, it can also pertain to a dialect of Liverpool. There are then the names from my Mother’s side, she was a Native from The North West Territories, hence the reason I included the names, Loucheux and Gwich’in within the film. Loucheux was a name that was given to the Northern Natives by the French and translates into “The people with squinted eyes” and Gwich’in is our tribal affiliation.

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