Christiana Latham

Christiana Latham is a multidisciplinary artist of Native and British decent. Her works reflect a Northern Native style, as she is Dene from Aklavik, NWT. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Multimedia Arts and Design Technologies in 2015 and is currently taking printmaking as a minor at The Alberta College of Art and Design. Christiana has exhibited her work in various galleries, and her films have been shown in film festivals worldwide. One of her most recent achievements was the acceptance of her latest film into GAMA (Gallery of Alberta Media Arts) at the Epcor Centre in Calgary in 2016. 
Presently, Christiana Latham’s main artistic focus is on her films,watercolor series and printmaking. Employing her talents in video/film/animation, and digital artwork, Christiana creates culturally explorative works utilizing a collaboration of her skills.

Artist Code: 953


Plague Doctor

2015, 01:29 minutes, Colour, English

Death of Dwarfs

2013, 04:18 minutes, colour, English

SpongeBob SquarePants

2011, 02:57 minutes, colour

The Jingle Dress

2010, 02:05 minutes, colour

Lady Raven

2008, 01:30 minutes, colour, English

Crossed Mask

2008, 02:07 minutes, colour, English

Soldier Toys

2008, 00:50 minutes, colour, English

Child's Perception

2008, 01:29 minutes, colour, English

Fairies and Indians

2007, 04:50 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing