Jess Dobkin / Performance Artist / Compilation DVD 2003-2010

Jess Dobkin

2010, colour, English


Includes a full colour 29 page catalogue with the essay titled The Kindness of Human Milk: Jess Dobkin's Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar by Charles Reeve.

1. Compilation 2003-2010, 5:07
A five-minute compliation of recent performance art works.

Everything I've Got, 2010, 4:22 (Performance Art)
A 60-minute multidisciplinary performance where the artist offers her collection of creative ideas in an intimate examination of artistic process and mortality.

Mirror Ball, 2008-2009, 0:30 (Performance Art)
The artist performs as a functional human mirror ball, exploring physical and psychological vulnerabilities, limitations and boundaries.

Being Green, 2009, 0:30 (Performance Art)
The artist comes to life when she is fisted by a woman playing Jim Henson in a poignant and transgressive performance of Kermit the Frog's signature song.

Clown Car, 2008, 0:30 (Performance Art)
A novel interpretation of the traditional circus clown car.

The Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar, 2006, 2:30 (Performance Art)
The artist invites audiences to taste small samples of pasteurized human breast milk donated by six new mothers, initiating a dialogue about this challenging and most intimate of motherhood rites.

Fee for Service, 2006, 0:30 (Performance Art)
Using an electric pencil sharpener inserted inside her vagina, the artist offers pencil sharpening to audiences of one for a nominal fee.

Restored, 2004, 1:15 (Performance Art)
Clothing from the artist’s closet is tagged and then surreptitiously reshelved at stores of original purchase, inviting consumers to take the used items home with them. Each tag in the series addresses the consumer with a unique personal message.

The Two Boobs, 2003, 0:30 (Performance Art)
With strings tied around nipples and faces painted on breasts, the two boobs become puppets, negotiating the complexities of their relationship in a silent movie inspired puppet show.

An Ontario Bride Seeks American Wives, 2003, 0:30 (Performance Art)
In response to Ontario’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the artist travels to New York to exercise her new rights, marrying countless men, women, pets, fire hydrants and street signs. The brief ceremonies include the signing of marriage contracts, an exchange of rings, and a photograph documenting each marriage.

11. (From the Silent Portrait Series):
Composite Body, 2003, 0:30 (Performance Art)
A modified dry-erase board is used in a process of creating a self-constructed body. The artist draws, erases, edits and re-draws, moving through a spectrum of emotions as she considers the lines and contours of her imagined physique.

12. (From the Silent Portrait Series):
Magic Trick, 2003, 1:00 (Performance Art)
In the spirit of “Le Petomane,” the artist chews bubble gum and then blows a large, pink balloon bubble out of her ass

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