Electronic Cinema II

Andres Tapia-Urzua

2000, 66:00 minutes, colour

TAPECODE 1052.01

DVD Compilation:

Mirror Man (16:00, color, stereo, 1992)

A freak? A Superhero? An Alien? The protagonist of this experimental video
wears a skin suit completely covered with small mirrors. This personal and poetic
piece follows the Mirror Man inside and outside, through urban and rural settings,
from day to night. Light bounces off the mirrors, blinding at times, soft and inviting
at others. Mirror Man’s rhythm constantly changes, as does the tonal quality of
the soundtrack. Mirror, mirror to my soul? Perhaps–every now and then we
glimpse the videomaker in reflection in reflection as the Mirror Man walks through
a forest or rolls across a field.

Technology of Repetition (35:00, color, stereo, 1992)

Originally based on Jean-Luc Godard's statement: "Art is not the representation of reality; it is the reality of that representation", and on Manuel De Landa's book "War In The Age Of Intelligent Machines". This video is about the exposure, appreciation and enjoyment of video technology through speed, time and repetition as autonomous expressive forces.

Loverdosis (15:00, color, stereo, 2000)

Loverdosis is a video about love and about mind/body relationships
in the context of modern technology and telecommunications. A poignant representation of alienated existences within a techno-scientific world where transitional objects and invisible electronic links are the nexus among the people ––where intimacy is lost because of lack of identity.

This video exposes how our understanding of the world has been changing from an organic/holistic conception to a rational/technological one (suppression of the first type for the second) and the consequences of this.

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