Real Estates

Bridget Moser

2013, 07:47 minutes, colour, English

TAPECODE 2093.12

Performance with small ladder, LED headlamp, and 18" x 18" foamboard-mounted poster of a sliced loaf of bread sitting on the beach.

"In her piece Real Estates, using the ladder as her prop, Toronto-based performance artist Bridget Moser recites a fractured and lyrical monologue in which she transforms the ladder into an incorrigible boyfriend, a glass house full of ennui, and a Sisyphean burden on her back. At one point, crouched below the ladder as a synthesizer plays a contemplative melody, she intones: “It’s kind of a… bad luck way to live.” Moments of pathos and humour in Moser’s work arise from the friction between her virtuosity and ineptitude. On one hand, Moser’s writing is full of disarming turns of phrase and poetic insight (“I’m drowning in a sea of Hamlets! All indecisive and infested with ghosts. And me worst of all”), and her imaginative reconfiguration of simple props is nothing short of thrilling." - Jordan Tannahill, Theatre of the Unimpressed

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