Bridget Moser

Bridget Moser is a performance and video artist whose work is suspended between prop comedy, experimental theatre, performance art, absurd literature, existential anxiety and intuitive dance. She has presented work in venues across Canada, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, Mercer Union, the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Oakville Galleries, Vancouver Art Gallery, Western Front, MSVU Art Gallery, PLATFORM Centre, and the Dunlop Art Gallery. She has presented projects throughout the US and Europe and has been a resident artist at Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como, Italy, and visiting faculty at The Banff Centre. Her work has been featured in Canadian Art, C Magazine, Art in America, Artribune Italy, The Dance Current, NOWNESS, and a collaborative publication with other FAR residents published by Mousse Magazine. She was shortlisted for the 2017 Sobey Art Award representing the region of Ontario

Artist Code: 2093


This Poem Does Not Help Me At All

2018, 29:55 minutes, colour, english

Am I Being Hypnotized by an Inground Swimming Pool

2018, 26:36 minutes, colour, English

I Think I Lost It

2018, 10:06 minutes, colour, English

Every Room is a Waiting Room Part 3

2017, 24:31 minutes, colour, english

Every Room is a Waiting Room Part 2

2017, 03:11 minutes, colour, english

Every Room is a Waiting Room Part 1

2017, 12:22 minutes, colour, English


2017, 08:13 minutes, colour, English

Chaotic Neutral

2017, 07:53 minutes, colour, English

Season of the Witch

2016, 07:05 minutes, colour, english

Freak on a Leash

2016, 29:42 minutes, colour, english

How Does It Feel

2016, 09:37 minutes, colour, english

About Face

2015, 37:32 minutes, colour, english

A Leaf That Tastes Like a Pencil

2015, 07:07 minutes, colour, english

The Picture of How I Look

2015, 20:12 minutes, colour, english

Memory Foam

2015, 13:09 minutes, colour, english

A Fence is a Type of Movement

2015, 12:46 minutes, colour, english

Thing of Beauty

2015, 25:58 minutes, colour, English

I Want To Believe Channel 2

2014, 08:39 minutes, Colour, English

Shadow Caster

2014, 07:51 minutes, colour, english

Tender Offer Part 1

2014, 23:46 minutes, colour, English

Nervous System

2014, 07:23 minutes, colour, English

Hold Please

2014, 07:27 minutes, colour, English

All Handles Different (2014)

2014, 24:37 minutes, colour, English

Jagged Canyon

2014, 25:32 minutes, colour, English

I Want To Believe Channel 1

2014, 08:39 minutes, colour, English

There Goes the Howl

2013, 07:12 minutes, colour, English

Private Body

2013, 05:28 minutes, colour, English

So what?!

2013, 08:00 minutes, colour, English

It's Unreal, the Way Out

2013, 10:59 minutes, colour, English

Asking for a friend

2013, 09:56 minutes, colour, English

You Wound Up Idiot

2013, 25:53 minutes, colour, English

Local Snake Eats Own Tail

2013, 23:47 minutes, colour, English

With a Few Variations

2013, 07:36 minutes, colour, English

Real Estates

2013, 07:47 minutes, colour, English


2013, 07:39 minutes, colour, English

Don't push the river

2013, 07:16 minutes, colour, English

Traverse the Distant Plains

2012, 05:25 minutes, colour, English

We Must Operate

2012, 05:45 minutes, colour, English

Tend the leavings of this process.

2012, 05:38 minutes, colour, English

Now We Are Many ings (But Together Still Alone)

2012, 06:05 minutes, colour, English

Baby Don't Understand (Performance)

2012, 04:59 minutes, colour, english

Got Me Feelin So Free II

2011, 01:20 minutes, colour, English


2011, 01:59 minutes, colour, English

Young Forever

2008, 05:08 minutes, colour, english

Probably Better an Bonham

2006, colour, english

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