Khrystell Burlin

Khrystell E. Burlin is a French New Media artist and composer of
electroactoustic music currently based in Brighton, United Kingdom. He
studied music at the conservatory of Bordeaux before moving to North
America where he was awarded an M.A in Music and Media Arts at the
University of Montreal.

His multi-screens films have been shown in several major festivals and
museums such as The Elektra Festival (Canada), The Festival of New Cinema
and New Media (Canada), The Museum of Contemporary Arts of Montreal
(Canada), The Asolo International Art Festival (Italy), The Athens Film
Festival (Greece), The Vad Festival (Spain), The Optica Festival (Spain),
The Glazart (France), the festival de Bourges (France) and prestigious
venues such as the Théâtre du châtelet in Paris (France).

The main purpose of his work is to explore the interconnections between
music and visuals through the use of superimposition and montage inside
the shot. Using techniques often associated with synaesthesia, he creates
visuals chords where physical movements and images fuse into polyphonic

He has also written several research articles in the fields of musicology,
cinema and the New Media Arts.

Artist Code: 782


Minos Gates

2008, 08:00 minutes, colour, English

The Lighthouse (Theseus Part III)

2006, 06:47 minutes, colour, English


2006, 20:00 minutes, colour, English


2004, 08:30 minutes, colour/B&W, English

Me and I

2002, 16:30 minutes, colour/B&W, English