Lesley Loksi Chan

Lesley Loksi Chan was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She has B.A. in Anthropology & Women's Studies (McMaster University) and a B.F.A. in Film & Video Production (York University). Her works have been screened at festivals internationally including Montreal World Film Festival, Images Festival, Vancouver International Queer Film Festival, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, Asian Women's Film Festival in Berlin, Open Cinema in St. Petersburg, Russia and at the Textile Museum of Canada.

Artist Code: 193



2012, 01:54 minutes, colour, N/A


2012, 00:25 minutes, colour, N/A


2010, 08:33 minutes, colour, English

Curse Cures

2009, 10:43 minutes, colour, English

Bacon & Bovary

2007, 01:03 minutes, colour, English

Traveling To Tuesday

2007, 23:13 minutes, colour, English

Wanda & Miles

2007, 12:26 minutes, English

Pearlie Got the Boot

2006, 01:33 minutes

My Matsura

2006, 06:22 minutes

Compost Mon Amour

2006, 11:45 minutes

Dear Sister

2005, 08:47 minutes

i no i no

2005, 10:51 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Curatorial Incubator v. 18: Learning from the Local
by Lisa Steele. Toronto: V tape, 2022.