Shonie De La Rosa

Shonie De La Rosa is a Dine residing in Kayenta, AZ. Born and raised in Phoenix, he moved to Kayenta at 18 to learn more about his Navajo heritage. Married for over 23 years to Andee, Shonie has three daughters.

Shonie’s employment is based within the field of computer technology but his heart has always been in the Arts. Shonie was well known in high school for his artwork. He was working towards his dream of attending the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver after graduation, but the divorce of his parents prevented that.

Shonie’s brother in-law was a well known bull rider and the family purchased a video camera to tape his rides. Shonie borrowed the camera and began to tape various images over a number of months. This reignited a long-time interest. As a child, Shonie had made a short science fiction film, and now, with his in-laws’ camera in hand, he began to create short films again. As computer technology became more affordable Shonie began to create more elaborate works. One of the videos on his web site caught the eye of Film Group Chaos from Berlin, Germany. His films won rave reviews during their underground film festival. Shonie, now an emerging Navajo filmmaker, was becoming well known for his ground breaking subject matter relating to the realities of being Navajo and living on the Navajo Nation.

Shonie came into the spotlight when he and his wife produced the documentary G Methamphetamine on the Navajo Nation. The video focused on the devastation methamphetamine had on the Navajo people and brought to light how huge the problem was. The film won “Best Public Service” award at the prestigious American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.

In 2006, Shonie and his wife produced their first feature, the award winning, Mile Post 398, created entirely on the Navajo Nation and utilized an all Navajo cast, crew and musical score.

Shonie produces music videos for Native artists such as Ethnic De Generation, Coalition, and the Plateros, and builds his own custom guitars from the ground up which he calls Navatone.

Artist Code: 936


Without You – The Plateros

2009, 04:35 minutes, colour, English

Forever I’m With You – The Plateros

2009, 04:14 minutes, colour, English

Pirates of the Navajo Nation

2008, 22:00 minutes, colour, English/Navajo

D.C. Navajo

2007, 09:56 minutes, colour, English

The Last Great Hunt

2005, 07:30 minutes, colour, English

Yellow Dust

2003, 06:35 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

The Double Entendre of Re-Enactment
by Gerald McMaster. Toronto: Vtape, 2007.