Vicky Moufawad-Paul

Vicky Moufawad-Paul is a curator, video artist, and the Artistic Director at A Space Gallery. She holds an MFA from York University where she completed research on the visual culture of Palestine. Her videos focuses on personal narratives situated in larger social formations and historical processes to explore the ways in which political events shape personal lives. Her curatorial projects include “Blown Up: Gaming and War” at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre in Toronto, “Enacting Emancipation” and “A Refusal of Images” at A Space Gallery in Toronto, “With Love From Le(z)banon and Pale(z)tine” at the Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto, “Strategic Fragments” and “Inconsumable” at E-Fagia in Toronto, and “Excessively Palestine” at 16 Beaver in New York City. She was the founding Executive Director of the Toronto Arab Film Festival, and has worked at the Toronto International Film Festival. She is a member of the Advisory Board of AluCine Film and Media Arts Festival, and was previously a member of the Visual and Media Arts Committee at the Toronto Arts Council, a member of the Advisory Board of the Palestine Film Festival, and a member of the Board of Directors at Trinity Square Video. Her writing has been published by Fuse Magazine, 180º, E-Fagia, the Arab American National Museum, and the Journal of Canadian Peace Research; and she was a contributor to the anthology Decentre: Concerning Artist-Run Culture/A Propos de Centres D’Artistes (YYZ Books, 2008). Moufawad-Paul’s video art has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently as part of Yale University’s Women and Gender Studies Speaker Series, University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute, and New York University's Kevorkian Center.

Artist Code: 1020


Rejoice, O My Heart

2011, 05:00 minutes

Half a Person

2011, 03:00 minutes

Remembering the Dismembered

2005, 20:00 minutes, English subtitles

Birthplace Palestine

2003, 01:00 minutes

Hybrid: Memory and Fiction

1998, 09:00 minutes

Critical Writing

A Refusal of Images
by Kirsty Robertson. C Magazine, Summer 2012.
You'd Better Smile When You Say That: Wagon Burner, This! Princess...
by Richard William Hill. Wagon Burner, This! Princess Moonrider That!, 2006. Toronto: A Space Gallery, 2006.