Sheila Urbanoski

All the way from Wishart, Saskatchewan is a media artist who likes pushing buttons, and the envelope in video, performance and new media .

SheShe has a long history with Canadian artist-run access centres, has served on the boards of over thirteen arts organizations, including the Canadian national Independent Film and Video Alliance.

Sheila 'turbo' Urbonoski has been lucky enough to live in Canada with it's great commitment to funding artists, and to have received regional and national grants and awards for her media artwork.

Miss She Thing is especially delighted to have been paid to appear as a guest speaker or on panels at festivals, conventions and conferences across Canada as well as at CyberConf (Budapest), Digital II (Helsinki), ISEA (Montreal), 404 Not Found (Paris), amongst others.

Missy Shera is a full blown techie geek coder with going on twelve years construction experience in the digital realm, having been active in the creation of websites and internet-based projects from 1990.

Shera is committed to the development of an informed audience for new media through lecturing, workshops and writing. She Bang-Bang has collaborated on a number of projects with other artists and has an extensive background in training people within her field.

Sheila Urbanoski is the founder of Cyberfemme, channels the Mystress Cybernoski and is the originator of She is currently based in London, England where she is actively pursueing her new career as Corporate Whore: loving those multi-million pound (currency, not weight) projects she runs as a consultant for some of the largest brands in the western world.

Laughing all the way whilst trying to decide which persona to adopt, in her spare time she continues to create trouble, websites, to write and lecture about new media, and generally just keep on truckin'.

Artist Code: 501


Machines Machines

1997, 31:00 minutes, colour, English

Once Upon A Time

1997, 03:20 minutes, colour, English

Beauty Works

1997, 02:30 minutes, colour, English

Me Myself I

1995, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

Ars Longa

1994, 03:00 minutes, colour, English

Lies, Lies, Lies

1994, 03:45 minutes, colour, English

Drag Queen Trapped In A Woman's Body

1993, 06:11 minutes, colour, English

Vita Brevis

1993, 03:20 minutes, colour, English

Most Glorious Salvation Of A Corporate Icon

1992, 03:19 minutes, colour, English

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