Zeesy Powers

Zeesy Powers’ work explores how the unstated rules of society shape our experience. For over a decade, she has worked across media to create interactive works for performers and audience participants. Her performances, videos and installations have been exhibited internationally. Powers has been artist-in-residence at CCA Kitakyushu (Japan), Palomar5 (Berlin), the Banff New Media Institute, Studio XX (Montreal) and the Toronto Public Library. She was the 2017 National Artist-in-Residence at the Toronto Animated Image Society, for which she produced This Could be You, an interactive piece exploring practices of confinement in VR. In Toronto, Powers has worked on several community-based projects with children and youth in partnership with organizations like UrbanArts, Axis Music Scarborough and the Toronto Public Library. As a facilitator of Wikipedia workshops in Canada and the United States, Powers works with individuals and communities to expand the public knowledge base of underrepresented artists, particularly women and marginalized peoples. Powers has been an invited observer and participant in international telecommunications and cybersecurity conferences for military-industrial, corporate and activist realms. She is a recipient of numerous grants for her artistic works. A nominee for the 2017 Transitio_MX award and 2015 and 2017 K.M. Hunter Awards, Powers is also a 2018 Chalmers Fellow. Through this she continued her research into how our digital tools shape the ways we relate to ourselves and others. Powers lives and works in Toronto.

Artist Code: 1030



2022, 12:07 minutes, colour, Japanese with English subtitles

The Electric Altar

2019, 06:51 minutes, Colour, English

SMART CITY: privatization

2019, 01:21 minutes, Colour, English

SMART CITY: privacy

2019, 01:10 minutes, colour, English

SMART CITY: control

2019, 01:40 minutes, Colour, English

2019, 01:31 minutes, b&w, english

This Could Be You

2017, colour, silent

Averaging Mirror

2015, 00:00 minutes, colour, silent


2015, 03:29 minutes, colour, No language


2015, 05:05 minutes, colour, No language

8 Marzo

2013, 04:50 minutes, colour

3 Minute Girlfriend (Short Cut)

2012, 05:05 minutes, colour, Silent


2012, 10:55 minutes

The Funeral

2012, 35:25 minutes, colour, Silent


2011, 51:41 minutes, colour, English

Citizenship for Saudi Women

2011, 02:52 minutes, B&W, Arabic


2010, 29:31 minutes, colour

unknowing / knowing

2010, 11:28 minutes, colour

The Ghost

2009, 18:20 minutes, colour


2008, 00:52 minutes, colour


2008, 01:27 minutes, colour

3 Minute Girlfriend (Performance Documentation)

2007, 137:45 minutes, colour, Silent


2007, 00:28 minutes, colour

The Beast

2005, 05:21 minutes, colour

Fantastic Voyage

2005, 02:35 minutes, colour, Silent


2005, 01:22 minutes, colour

I Blow Up

2005, 00:30 minutes

Magic Bowl

2005, 01:40 minutes

Critical Writing