Laura Sky

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In 1980, after eight years at the National Film Board, Laura Sky began her career as an independent film director and producer. She established SkyWorks in 1983. Her work is widely known and acknowledged both here at home and throughout the world as evidenced by the many awards and citations her films have received. She has taught film at Queens, York, and Ryerson Polytechnic Universities and has lectured extensively throughout Canada, and in Germany and Sweden. Laura has also worked as a free-lance journalist and researcher for both radio and television current affairs programs. In 1986 she received a Woman of Distinction award from the YWCA of Metropolitan Toronto for her contribution to arts and letters. In June 2005, Laura received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Laurentian University for her achievements as one of Canada's most distinguished documentary filmmakers. A socially committed creative artist, Laura Sky has made her personal vision of film making a vibrant and popular reality.

Artist Code: 626.00


Working Life

2011, 37:00 minutes, colour, English

Living with Miracles

2010, 58:00 minutes, colour, English

Recovering Love

2010, 72:00 minutes, colour, English

Home Safe Hamilton

2010, 86:00 minutes, colour, English

Home Safe Toronto

2009, 96:00 minutes, colour, English, closed captioned

Home Safe Calgary

2008, 99:14 minutes, colour, English

Extra Ordinary People

2007, 109:00 minutes, colour, English

Household Work: More Than It Seems

2007, 90:00 minutes, colour, English

Prescription for Addiction

2006, 85:00 minutes, colour, English

Kids Care / Cœurs à cœurs

2005, 77:00 minutes, colour, English or French (dubbed) versions

Crisis Call / La Déroute

2003, 90:00 minutes, colour, English & French

Working Like Crazy

1999, 54:00 minutes, colour, English, also available Closed Captioned

Until Someone Listens

1999, 120:00 minutes, colour, English

My Son the Tattoo Artist

1999, 94:11 minutes, colour, English

Jake's Life

1995, 32:38 minutes, colour, English

Working Lean: Challenging Workplace Reorganization

1994, 56:00 minutes, colour, English

HISTOIRE DE FEMMES / WOMENSTORY (Daughters on the Wings of Time)

1992, 29:30 minutes, colour, English or French

The Right To Care

1991, 60:00 minutes, colour, English

Crying For Happiness

1990, 90:00 minutes, colour, English

Huit heures par jour, Eight Hours a Day (English version)

1988, 15:48 minutes, colour, English/French

To Hurt and to Heal, Part 1 & 2

1986, 105:00 minutes, colour, English

All of Our Lives (Chacune Sa Vie)

1984, 30:00 minutes, colour, English

Good Monday Morning

1982, 31:33 minutes, colour, English

Moving Mountains (Elles Soulevent Les Montagnes)

1981, 24:00 minutes, colour, English

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