Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan uses the internet as a source to make remix videos as social commentary on sex, love, desire, equality, wealth, and all kinds of mediated ideals that won’t deliver in real life. She has had solo presentations at Transmediale (Berlin), Images Festival (Toronto), Nightingale (Chicago) and Future Gallery (Berlin), and has shown at Moving Image (London), Trinity Square Video (Toronto), Interstate Projects (New York), LTD (Los Angeles), and XPO Gallery (Paris). Her work has been featured on Rhizome, Furtherfield, Sleek, Dazed, and LEAP. Chan was born in Ottawa, grew up in Hong Kong, and now lives in Toronto. Chan holds a MFA in Art Video from Syracuse University and a HBA in Communications, Culture, Information Technology.

Artist Code: 1065



2019, 15:00 minutes, colour

“Boyfriend (男友)”, "Nan you"

2014, 06:27 minutes, colour, English

Important Objects

2013, 09:17 minutes, colour, English


2013, 02:48 minutes, colour, English

Young Money

2012, 08:21 minutes, colour, English

Infinite Debt

2012, 03:21 minutes, colour, English

*A Total Jizzfest*

2012, 03:22 minutes, colour, English

New American Classic

2011, 01:44 minutes, colour, English

Screen Saver

2010, 03:46 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Eschewing Limitation: Omar Kholeif on Jennifer Chan
by Omar Kholeif. Images Festival, 2014. Toronto: Images Festival, 2014.