Guy Woueté

Guy Woueté divides his time between Antwerp and Douala. Born in Douala in 1980, he holds a Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts from Erg school of Arts in Brussels, and from the University of Paris 8. He has completed post-academic study at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.

A video artist, sculptor and painter who also embraces installations and photography, Woueté creates his images following a conceptual artistic approach similar to that of a reporter, albeit leaving behind the reporter’s obligation to refer to familiar images. He confronts the paradox that as an artist he materializes and represents things that can only be experienced as contradictions and transitional situations. Guy Woueté’s oeuvre always encompasses elements of social criticism and the questions of migration in the age of globalization; everyday life realities are his source of inspiration. Woueté’s work is shown worldwide at biennials, festivals, museums and galleries.

Artist Code: 2045



2020, 06:16 minutes, colour, French with English subtitles

Le Gouffre

2020, 07:40 minutes, colour, French with English subtitles

The Legacy of the Colonial Business II

2020, 15:14 minutes, colour, French (available with English subtitles)

The Legacy of the Colonial Business I

2020, 22:20 minutes, colour, French with English Subtitles

Le fou postcolonial insane III

2020, 07:34 minutes, French with English subtitles

Le fou postcolonial insane II

2020, 21:07 minutes, Colour, French (available with English subtitles)

Le fou postcolonial insane I

2020, 26:26 minutes, Colour, Ambient sound

Echo Between

2015, 05:32 minutes, collour, English

D'ici là... (Until then…)

2015, 07:10 minutes, colour, No language


2013, 03:14 minutes, colour, French with English subtitles

Next Week

2010, 04:49 minutes, colour, No language

After Walls

2009, 03:50 minutes, colour, No language


2008, 05:09 minutes, colour, No language

La liste est longue

2007, 02:26 minutes, colour, English

Ouidah Return

2007, 01:10 minutes, colour, No language