Van LaPointe

Van LaPointe is a graduate of the Ryerson Polytechnical University and a digital artist based in Toronto. In 1991 he produced an innovative media work titled fz-976. The tape used early digital effects and complex layering to generate an alternate world defined by an apocalyptic image barrage of movie and archival footage. Rapid editing, repetition and meshing of imagery and sound are the identifying factors of LaPointe’s work.

Developing his skills as an online editor, LaPointe continued to work in both alternative and mainstream media throughout the 1990’s. He was an active board member of Trinity Square Video and was a key played in bringing that organization to a new technological level from 1993-1996. He has also completed ouvre for the new millenium: a short super-8 project, fz-978 – Apollo 2000. This film is a lament for the future that failed to materialize from the promise of the space program.

He has worked as an editor and effects designer with artists like Andrew James Paterson, Michael Balser, Rebecca Garret, Allan Harding-Mackay and Judith Doyle. LaPointe also works in film, video, audio, digital graphics, still and motion picture photography. He has also developed a collaborative video work with painter Andy Fabo and sculptor Kevin O’Byrne titled Casino Trop Réal, which screened at The Kennedy Gallery in North Bay, Ontario. He has received nominations for both Gemini and Emmy Awards for his work as a visual effects coordinator at effects house GVFX. LaPointe currently works as a promotions editor for CTV.

Artist Code: 214


fz - 978 Apollo 2000

2000, 03:15 minutes, colour, English

fz - 976

1990, 10:37 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

In situ
by Melina Clifford and Gaetane Verna.