Mark Saunders

Spectacle is an independent television production company specialising in documentary, community-led investigative journalism and participatory media. Spectacle programmes have been broadcast across Europe, Australia and Canada and have won international awards. Spectacle also distributes independent video tapes, provides facilities to independent producers and training workshops on media studies, production and community based media.

Artist Code: 2029


Shaker Aamer: A Decade of Injustice

2012, 20:00 minutes, colour, English

Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo

2009, 75:00 minutes, Colour, English

Globalization Citizenship

2002, 25:00 minutes, Colour, English


2000, 13:00 minutes, Colour, English

Call Me Josse (french version)

2000, 22:00 minutes, Colour, French


1998, 07:00 minutes, colour

Exodus from Babylon

1996, colour

Exodus: Movement of Jah People

1995, 26:00 minutes, colour

Rise Of A New Eve

1994, 22:00 minutes

Despite TV Decoded

1993, 10:00 minutes, colour, English

The Truth Lies in Rostock

1993, 78:00 minutes, colour, English Subtitles

Out of Line

1992, 40:00 minutes, colour, English

The Bailiff Cometh

1991, 07:45 minutes, colour, English

Battle Of Trafalgar

1990, 52:00 minutes, colour, English

Despite the City

1989, 50:00 minutes, English

Despite The Sun

1987, 52:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing