Rae Staseson

Rae Staseson has been making videos since 1990. Her first tapes were made deep in the swamps of Louisiana, while she was a graduate student in sculpture at Louisiana State University. Realizing the mosquitoes, fire ants and the department were not sympathetic to her conceptual needs, Staseson escaped the south and completed her M.F.A. at Rutgers University in Video and Performance (1992).

Staseson has exhibited her work throughout the Canada and the United Sates. Her videos have been exhibited in Mexico City, Edinburgh, Scotland, Tel Aviv, Israel and Normandy, France and Italy. In 1998 her work was purchased by The National Gallery of Canada and included in the exhibition, FRAGILE ELECTRONS. She has had solo exhibitions at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon and Truck Gallery in Calgary. Recently Staseson screened her new tape, THE DOLLHOUSE DIARIES at the St. John's International Women's Film and Video Festival. THE DOLLHOUSE DIARIES will also be broadcast on the Women's Television Network in the year 2000.

Staseson lives in Montreal, where she is currently teaching at Concordia University.

Artist Code: 434


SALUT BÉBÉ La Video de Formation

2001, 05:30 minutes, colour, French

HELLO BABY The Training Video

2001, 05:30 minutes, colour, English

The Dollhouse Diaries

1999, 07:11 minutes, colour, English

The Comfort Suite - A Video in Four Parts

1996, 09:40 minutes, colour, English

Alphabet Cowboy Tape

1995, 05:34 minutes, colour, English


1994, 04:39 minutes, colour, English


1994, 03:49 minutes, colour, English


1994, 02:47 minutes, colour

Laundry X Two

1991, 05:10 minutes, colour, English


1991, 05:30 minutes, colour