Nina Czegledy

Nina Czegledy is an award-winning media artist, curator and educator who works internationally on collaborative media art, science/technology projects, as well as in education. She is has led, or been a key contributor to, a large number of forums, workshops, and festivals around the world. Czegledy has published widely in books and journals and has presented at several international conferences and academic institutions. Current art projects include Aura/Aurora interactive audio-visual environment in collaboration with Bettine Schuelke, Marton Andras Juhasz, Laszlo Kiss, Daniel Barber (Plein Art fesztival, 2B Gallery Budapest 2010); Visual Collider with Marcus Neustetter (Vela Luka, Croatia 2009, Alma Space on Dobbin, New York 2010, The Other Gallery, Banff 2010); Auerole interactive audio-visual environment in collaboration with Bettine Schuelke, Veroniki Korakidou and Dave Lawrence (Thessaoloniki Biennale, Greece 2009). Czegledy’s latest experimental video is titled The Land of the Unusual (2010).

Recent curatorial projects include: The Pleasure of Light, Gyorgy Kepes and Frank J. Malina at the intersection of science and art (Ludwig Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, September 2 – November 21, 2010); Angels and Intersections (December 2009 Quadrilateral Biennial, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia, Co-curator with Christiane Paul, Darko Fritz, Elena Rossi and Peter Tomaz Dobrila); “e-mobile art” European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists project, May 2009, Co-curator with Annick Bureaud, Christiana (Thessaloniki Biennale, Greece, Oct 2009 Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Katovice, Poland).

Czegledy is Senior Fellow at KMDI (Knowledge Media Design Institute) at the University of Toronto; Adjunct Associate Professor at Concordia University, Montreal; Honorary Fellow, Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest; and Research Fellow, Intercreate, New Zealand. She is a Member of the Governing Board of Leonardo, contributing editor of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac and member of the Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Techno-Sciences OLATS scientific committee.

Artist Code: 300


To Hudson Bay - Ode to Beckett

2009, 13:40 minutes, colour, English

Weapons of Distraction

2004, 01:25 minutes, colour, English

No Regrets

2001, 06:00 minutes, colour, English


1996, 08:00 minutes, colour

Ladies Shorts Tape 1

1995, 84:10 minutes, colour, English

Logodi Street

1994, 23:00 minutes, colour, English/Hungarian

Within Sight, Within Interpretation

1992, 10:30 minutes, colour, English

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