Beagles & Ramsay

John Beagles (Born 1970) and Graham Ramsay (Born 1968) began working together in 1996 whilst completing their MFA degrees at Glasgow School of Art. They are based in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition to video works they have also produced large-scale installations, sculptures, photographs and short stories.

They have exhibited their work in galleries around the world including the New Museum of Contemporary Art and PS1 MoMA (New York), the Venice Biennale 2003, The ICA (London), Migros Museum (Zurich), The Fruitmarket (Edinburgh), Transmission (Glasgow), YYZ (Toronto), Rotterdam Film Festival and 200 Gertrude Street (Melbourne). Their work is included in public and private collections in the UK and internationally.

Artist Code: 913



2014, 05:35 minutes, B&W, English

Use The Object

2013, 04:30 minutes, B&W, English

Spam Mush Dust

2012, 10:55 minutes, colour, English

Two Fine Examples Of British Dentistry

2009, 20:48 minutes, colour, English

Glitter Desert

2007, 15:00 minutes, colour, Silent

Glitter Island

2006, 05:23 minutes, colour, English and Latin

New Meat

2005, 04:52 minutes, colour, English

Sanguis Gratia Artis - Black Pudding Self-Portrait

2004, 12:18 minutes, colour, English

Dead of Night

2003, 05:47 minutes, colour, English

Long Live the New Flesh!

2003, 02:12 minutes, colour, English

Burgerheaven - The True Taste of Stardom

2002, 07:27 minutes, Colour, English

We Are The People - Suck on This

2000, 04:02 minutes, Colour, English


1999, 03:00 minutes, colour, English

Geezer Gotta Flame Thrower!

1997, 03:40 minutes, Colour, English

The Chimps

1997, 01:00 minutes, colour, English

The Shutters are Down

1997, 01:05 minutes, colour, English