Howie Shia

Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Howie Shia is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Fine Arts program. Howieís work in video and comics has garnered him several awards including the V tape Video Art Award for best emerging artist, Jarrett Enns Award for his comic Closure and first place at the Crossing Borders North American video competition for Grandma's Big Day Out, a short video about his grandmother's escape from Communist China. Howie was awarded a FAP grant from the National Film Board of Canada to complete his experimental documentary, 18 Fragments: selected writings by and about Antonin Artaud.
Howie has just completed three new pieces, two animations "Funk is a Four Colour Word" featuring music by him & brother Leo Shia and a 'reality' bite called (secret private stuff).

Artist Code: 660


Funk is a Four Colour Word

2001, 02:00 minutes, colour

Cat & Rat (Tiger, Snake, Pig)

2001, 12:00 minutes, colour

(secret private stuff)

2001, 15:00 minutes, colour


1999, 30:00 minutes, colour, English w French

Grandma's Big Day Out

1999, 06:00 minutes, B&W, English/Mandarin

Ideas for A City

1998, 06:00 minutes, colour, English


1996, 05:00 minutes, B&W, English

Critical Writing

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Video Primer: A Series of 5 Video Programs
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In situ
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V is for video
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